Ridgetop Horse Ranch
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14616 Shaw Place; Milo, Iowa 50166

1) What do I wear? 
           answer: Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes.(no sandals)
                        (women: we recommend a sports bra)

2) How do I pay?
        answer: We accept Cash, local Check,  Credit Card/paypal.

3) Why should I not use GPS? 
        answer: GPS/Google will provide mud roads for your route. Please use our directions on our map page for mostly concrete with about 1 1/2 miles of gravel. 

4) What happens with weather conditions? 
        answer:  We will try to contact all scheduled customers if weather                     forces us to cancel rides. We will also update our facebook page asap. 

5) Why do you have an age limit for guided rides? 
        answer: SAFTEY. These are animals, They may spook with fallen tree limbs, a deer ,etc. even the most experienced person may be startled if the horse startles. Thank you for your understanding in making your child's Safety our utmost concern. '

6) Can we have a picnic?    answer:YES: after your ride 

7) Do I need to be experienced to have a guided ride? 
         answer: NO experience necessary: Guided trail ride customers do not need experience, however we will match you up with a horse and provide you a quick lesson prior to the ride. 

8) Can I take pictures? answer: YES you may take photos

9) How early do I need to arrive?  
         answer: We recommend 10-15 minutes prior to your ride

10) How many people can ride at once: 
           answer: Maximum of 6 people per Guided trail ride (if you have two people in your party, we may add up to 4 more riders per scheduled hour trail ride) and 1-6 people per private indoor lessons (this is only the people in your scheduled party: just your family and friends unless you join our group classes.